Band Profile

Des Marsom – Bass Player

Des has played guitar from 14 years old and bass from 1976. He played clubs in various duo’s and bands in the 60’s and 70’s. From 1979 into the 80’s – Played in a Cliff & Shadows Tribute band Vintage – toured UK played alongside The Barron Knights, Showaddywaddy, Bootleg Beatles, Mud and Jet Harris. Late 1990’s – 2008 Vintage formed Rock back the Clock who backed various artists from America – Rip Masters, Johnny Preston & Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis’s sister) at various festival gigs. 2008-2009 formed band Corvettes then rejoined Vintage in 2010. Des is looking forward to playing with Jim Santana & the Midnight Vegas Band as he is a big fan of Elvis.

Bob Payne – Lead Guitarist / backing vocals and harmonies

Bob played in the club land command performance at the horseshoe bar Blackpool in the mid nineties. Bob regularly played Russell’s nightclub in the seventies with Tom O’Connor. Bob topped the bill at the Gallop in Harrogate for a week. He was part of the professional duo “Spencer and Wayne” in the seventies and toured the whole of the UK. Bob has also toured Germany and featured in many theatre shows. His lead guitar playing is amazing and he also Vocal coaches the backing singers within the group creating and arranging the harmonies and backing vocal routines.

Paul Attwell – drummer

Pauls most famous achievement was that he was the drummer with “Edison Lighthouse” on the NUMBER 1 charts hit record “Love grows where my rosemary goes ” Paul has toured throughout Europe on many occasions and for the last seventeen years toured the theatres and holiday camps with another Elvis tribute band. Paul also played in concert with Elvis’s original backing singers “The Sweet Inspirations” having covered numerous Elvis festivals and fan clubs Paul is certainly Elvis through and through and shows in his performances on stage.

Andy Clixby – Electric Rhythm / Keyboard / backing vocals and harmonies

Andy Clixby has played in many touring bands over his significant musical career. Andy and his band released a single in the nineties that made it into the top thirty. He has supported Brian May in the late nineties, Billy Bragg and Ian McLagan from the “Small Faces” Andy also played at the famous “Board walk” in London and  also supported the Indie bands “Shed 7”, “Ned’s atomic dustbin” and “5:30”. Andy is a multi talented musician who plays electric rhythm guitar and keyboard. His backing vocals perfectly complement Jims lead and he is a key part of the harmonies.

Ben Hardisty – Acoustic Rhythm and Harmonies

Ben is an extremely talented rhythm guitarist and is the youngest member of the group at the tender age of 19, for his age Ben has one of the most varied musical tastes and has shown a great passion for Elvis. Before joining the “Midnight Vegas Band” Ben whilst playing with his band at the time won The Yorkshire newcomer band of the year. Ben is involved in many of the harmonies and has grown into an important member of the band.

The sweet temptations (Mandy Hardisty and Karen

Mandy performed backing vocals and tambourine for a rock band in the mid eighties. After a twenty year absence Mandy has joined her husband Jim on the stage (after some persuasion) she has worked on harmony arrangements with Karen who has been singing for many years and was renowned for her Very own Karen Carpenter Tribute,and link up with full harmony arrangements with Bob,Andy and Ben.Mandy and Karen recreate the much needed female element of the original Elvis band. Mandy and Karen play tambourine, maracas, claves and have dance arrangements for all the songs. Mandy and Karen,certainly brings a touch of glamour and class to the band.

Luke Mitchell – set sound engineer

Teacher by day Luke has played guitar from an early age and has a perfect ear for music. Luke is an indispensable member of the team. His skills in this field of engineering ensure that the band and Jim sound every bit as good as they should.

Andy Varley – lighting technician

Andy has been with Jim since 2004 and has wowed audiences with his spectacular light shows with a perfect sense of timing and an eye for detail Andy makes sure that the evening will be as visually stunning as it is musically.