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Tonight Sees Us At Lupset Wmc
It’s 37 years since we lost the KING Elvis Presley and the show tonight was dedicated to him.
The entertainment is THE MIDNIGHT VEGAS BAND, featuring top ETA, Jim Santana.
The club was very busy at 7-30 pm when we arrived. There were some audience
members dressed like THE KING and there were quite a lot of the ladies dressed in the style of the era. The band line up is, on drums it’s Paul, on bass guitar we have Pete, Bob is on lead guitar, on electric guitar and keyboards we have, Andy, Ben is on acoustic guitar with the beautiful Mandy on backing harmonies, tambourine, maracas and claves. On sound it’s Dan Daly and on lights, it’s Andy.
The show opened with the overture followed by a rousing,’Don’t Be Cruel’, Jim was in great voice, The harmonies were superb, very tight as was the band. ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, ‘Teddy Bear’, obviously all the songs are Elvis Songs, so I will pick out some that ‘I’ haven’t heard for some time like the the one Jim is singing now, ‘Rock A Hula
Baby’. ‘O Sole Mio’, ‘His Latest Flame’, ‘Suspicion’, from 1960. This is still the first half of show; there are a few costume changes to come, wow, a classy show. ‘Viva Las Vegas’. When Elvis, (Jim), went off to change Andy and the band gave us Del Shannon’s, ‘Runaway’, very good too. Well done Andy and the guys.
Elvis, (Jim), re-appeared back on stage in a red sparkling Jump suit, a la Elvis Presley, like the shoes. I loved the medley of songs,’Don’t Cry Daddy’ and ‘In The Ghetto’. The crowd joined in, ‘The Wonder Of You’. The first half finished with an emotional song in the Elvis style, ‘My Way’.
In the second part of this very impressive show the band has a change of costume,
blue shirts and Elvis, (Jim), into a white jump suit adorned with rhinestones; they opened with, ‘C C Ryder’, ‘Let It Be Me’, ‘Sweet Caroline’, with audience participation, this really got the crowd going, what an atmosphere. Here come the silk scarves as Elvis, (Jim), sang ‘You Were Always On My Mind’, (I still didn’t get a scarf). Yes folks you gotta see the MIDNIGHT VEGAS BAND. Each and everyone of the band played their part all the way through the show the music was superb. The dancers are back  on their feet and enjoying the music. The dance floor is now packed. A song I missed last night was, ‘Steamroller’. Just another couple were, ‘Way Down’ and of course, ‘American Trilogy’. Pat and I were only going to stay for the first half but we couldn’t resist staying all night and along with our friends, we enjoyed the whole show…